Bladefin Basslet. SCIENTIFIC NAME: Jeboehlkia gladifer. One of the rarest fish in the world. Collected in Curacao at over 800 feet of depth via submarine. This extremely rare fish is the ultimate collectors’ prize.

Bladefin Basslet is a cute little fish found in the Caribbean and is a rare fish that, even at its maximum size is tiny and small. Bladefin Basslet are found in deep waters and is thus very difficult to capture. It hardly ever goes on sale and this adds to its value.

Recently, two extremely rare fishes were made available for sale at Phoenix, Arizona’s local fish store AquaTouch. The two rare fish, a Liopropoma aberrans and a Liopropoma aberrans and Bladefin Basslet are both deep water fish. Found in the Caribbean, these fish swim at a depth of over 500 feet.

Well, how pricey can a fish get? Well, the 1.5″ Bladefin Basslet, Jeboehlkia gladifer, was just sold by AquaTouch for $9,999. Just be happy you can’t buy this fish by the foot!

That is going to be a beautiful addition to the buyer’s tank…which it should be….since it costs more than most hobbyists’ systems. But hey, we’re not judging, if you got it, spend it, because you’re not taking it with you.

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