Black Arowana is the classification of the fishes which contain very attractive and furry fins and tails that are long all along with its tails and back-end body. These black arowanas are one of the most rarely found species of fishes that are used for the purpose of decoration and keeping in aquariums. These black arowanas are very active fishes that keep moving all along in all the regions of the aquariums attracting the attention of all the eyes around. These black arowanas are classified within the medium-sized aquarium fishes and are available for our clients at a very reasonable price range.

Found in blackwater stretches of the Rio Negro, upper Orinoco, and Vaupes in South America, the Black Arowana (sometimes also known as Blue Arowana) is a sought-after species due to its vibrant iridescent coloration and orange-trimmed black fins. Like their close cousin the Silver Arowana, they are large, powerful, surface-dwelling predators which require ample tank space and a tight-fitting cover as they are powerful jumpers. Black Arowana are generally peaceful towards any tankmates too large to be eaten, but territorial towards each other unless kept in larger groups. Although they reach a slightly smaller adult size than their close relative the Silver Arowana, they can still easily reach 20”+ as adults and require an appropriately large aquarium.

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